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Gu Yuqing actively practices the "healthy China" big health strategy. With an open and inclusive mindset and a win-win cooperation, he seeks common developments in the health industry with the community, leads a healthy life and creates healthy wealth.

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tea culture

Chinese people drink tea and pay attention to a "good" word. "Tea Tea" not only identifies the pros and cons of tea, but also has the meaning of thinking and the taste of drinking tea. In the busy schedule, soak a pot of strong tea, choose the elegant place, self-satisfy and self-drinking, you can eliminate fatigue, refresh your mind, stimulate your spirits, and you can also enjoy slow drinking, enjoy the beauty, and make the spiritual world sublimate. A noble artistic realm. The environment of tea is generally composed of buildings, gardens, furnishings, tea sets and other factors. Tea is quiet, fresh, comfortable and clean. Chinese gardens are world-famous, and landscapes are innumerable. Use the garden or the natural landscape to set up a tea room to make people feel awkward and interesting.
China is an ancient civilization, a state of ceremonies, and it is very important. Whenever guests come, tea and tea ceremony are indispensable. When you have a visit, you can ask for advice, choose the most suitable taste and the best tea set to treat you. When tea is used to honor customers, it is also necessary to properly blend tea. When accompanying the guests to drink tea, the owner should pay attention to the residual amount of tea in the cups and pots of the guests. Generally, tea is used to make tea. If you have already drunk half of the tea, you should add boiling water, and add with the drink to make the tea concentration basically consistent. The water temperature is suitable. When drinking tea, you can also use tea, candy, dishes, etc. to adjust the taste and snacks.
Chinese tea culture originated from Shennong, smelled in Lu Zhougong, and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. It was in the Song Dynasty and has become one of the three major non-alcoholic beverages (tea, coffee and cocoa in the world) and will become the king of beverages in the 21st century. Tea drinking hobbies are spread all over the world, and more than 50 countries around the world are planting tea. The roots of tea, the teas originally introduced in the world, the tea varieties introduced, the tea drinking, cultivation techniques, processing techniques, tea rituals, etc. They are directly or indirectly spread by China. Tea trees are native to southwestern China. China is the first country in the world to discover tea trees and use tea trees. China is a place for tea and is known as the "homeland of tea." It is the pride of the Chinese nation!
Tea culture In a broad sense, the natural science of tea and the humanities of tea refer to the sum of the material and spiritual wealth associated with tea created in the historical practice of human society. In a narrow sense, the humanities that focus on tea mainly refer to the function of tea for the spirit and society. Since the natural science of tea has formed an independent system, the tea culture that is often spoken now focuses on the humanities.
The tea culture includes the tea evaluation techniques, the appreciation of artistic manipulation methods, and the beautiful environment of the product, such as the beautiful environment. The process manifests itself in the form and spirit of the process - a cultural phenomenon formed during the tea drinking process. It has a long history, a long history, a profound cultural heritage, and a connection with religion. Residents of more than one hundred countries and regions all over the world love the taste.