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Gu Yuqing actively practices the "healthy China" big health strategy. With an open and inclusive mindset and a win-win cooperation, he seeks common developments in the health industry with the community, leads a healthy life and creates healthy wealth.


  Health tea is the contribution of the Chinese people to the world's food culture. The Shennong of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors had a story about tea detoxification, and the Yellow Emperor was named Ji Mingyu, the ancient tea word. China is the origin of tea trees. Tea trees first appeared in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Xishuangbanna in southwestern China. "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" is China's first pharmacy monograph. It was written in the Warring States Period and became a book in the Western Han Dynasty. In the form of legends, this book collects the knowledge of medicines that the working people have accumulated for a long time since ancient times. Among them, there is such a record: “Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs, and the sun has a poison of seventy-two, and it has to be solved.” According to research: the cockroach here refers to the ancient tea, to the effect that, far from the ancient times, the legendary Emperor Yan, had tasted the herbs in order to find plants that are conducive to human survival, and even poisoned many times in one day.
  But it was saved because of taking tea. Although this is a legend, with obvious exaggeration, it is also known that human use of tea may start from medicinal use. This is also the earliest record of health tea. As a kind of beverage, tea has spread from the Tang Dynasty to various ethnic minority areas in northwestern China, and has become a necessity for the local people's life. “No tea is stagnation in one day, no tea in three days.” China is the origin of tea trees. However, China's contribution to humans in the tea industry is mainly due to the discovery of the first plant of tea, which was first used as a plant of tea and developed into a splendid and unique tea of China, the East and the whole world. culture. As recorded in Chinese historical records, before the unknown tea drinking, “the ancients drink water in the summer and the soup in the winter”, and the warm soup is used to hydrolyze thirst. Taking tea as a drink has changed the habit of drinking raw water and greatly improved the health of the people. These fully reflect the importance of health tea to the world.
  China's health tea is still in its infancy, and its market share is small. Although the market has a lot of room for development, the market development requires a process. Many beverage companies and pharmaceutical companies are involved in the health tea field, so that the production of health tea continues to rise, giving the market Brought a lot of pressure; Secondly, the quality of Chinese health tea products is mixed. Take Ginkgo tea as an example. Because some companies blindly “follow the wind”, they do not have the production technology of extracting ginkgo flavonoids and making health tea. The function and efficacy of its products will not meet the requirements, and the shoddy will greatly reduce its reputation and practical value. In addition, the price is also an important factor affecting the development of the health tea market. Excessive prices will undoubtedly restrict the expansion of the health tea market. According to industry sources, the profit of health tea can generally reach 100% to 200%, or even higher.
  Therefore, it is not the more expensive the tea, the better the health care effect. Taking slimming tea as an example, the effective weight-loss component of tea is polyphenols and theaflavins. Therefore, teas with high quality of these materials should be selected in the production, and these factors have nothing to do with the price. Experts suggest that although the prospects of the Chinese herbal health tea market are optimistic, it is also necessary to pay attention to the side effects it produces, preventing the single species from causing too much concentration of certain health teas and causing a backlog of products. From the perspective of industry development as a whole, enterprises should make the price of health tea not too high according to the consumption power of the people to meet the needs of the vast majority of consumers. In terms of market cultivation, enterprises must guide the correct consumption. Many health teas contain Chinese medicine ingredients. Each Chinese herbal medicine has its own effect. If consumers do not take it according to their own constitution, it is likely to have negative effects.
  China's tea beverages have risen to the second place in the beverage industry, reaching an annual output of more than 2 million tons. The health tea products based on traditional Chinese medicine and modern health theory are welcomed by the market. The characteristics of health tea can be summarized as “three lows”: low calorie, low fat, low sugar, natural, healthy, thirst-quenching, refreshing characteristics, more refreshing and quenching thirst than carbonated drinks, more pleasant than water drinks, It is light and elegant, rich in health care ingredients, in line with the trend of international beverage development, and has the effects of nutrition, health care and quenching thirst. Under the background of industry development, China's health tea industry can only improve the low value-added image of health tea products in the international market, mainly based on primary raw materials, promote the leap-forward development of the industry, and strive to realize the economic income of health tea. High growth. Chinese health tea companies have achieved gratifying results in bio-tea tree breeding, pollution-free, industrial tea garden management, tea product deep processing and health tea brand building.
  The majority of tea companies are still deeply troubled by the industry's current situation, such as small scale, poor strength, extensive operation and low economic efficiency. It is even more urgent to find a way of technological innovation. Experts pointed out that domestic health tea enterprises should further increase scientific and technological innovation, develop new products of more competitive health tea, get rid of the low-level competition of health tea as soon as possible, and pay close attention to the dynamics of the international beverage market, keeping up with global tea. The industry is developing in the direction of diversification and innovation of products. Some experts predict that in the next 10 to 15 years, traditional tea will still occupy a dominant position in the domestic market. The domestic health tea industry relies on China's long-standing tea culture and Chinese medicine culture, which inevitably has a broader development prospect.