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Wenzhen Industrial Park, Jinxian County Economic
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Gu Yuqing actively practices the "healthy China" big health strategy. With an open and inclusive mindset and a win-win cooperation, he seeks common developments in the health industry with the community, leads a healthy life and creates healthy wealth.


  Today's prosperity, my generation feels through the history, still remembers the ancestors, the creation of the Valley of the Valley, the training of Ligu Yuqing, wearing the tea horse ancient road, planting tea, making tea, selling tea, going north to Bayan, Weixi deep into Kangzang, South Traveling to Myanmar and Bangkok, the horses are coming, singing and singing, building friendship and tea.
  However, the years are speechless, the sun and the sun are fading, and Gu Yuqing has a long history. In order to revitalize tea, the original Qingyuan, exquisite and refined, only do a good job of tea. Sensational tea, Tianfeng wild dew gave birth, sunshine and cloud, and sincere nutrients.
  Tea can enrich the people. Gu Yuqing regards it as the technique of ninja, the industry of the millennium, and does not dare to let it go. Everything is exhausted and diligent, so as to make friends with the tea party and the great cause of casting the valley, and benefit the people.
  Gu Yuqing opened branches in China, echoed between the north and the south, and set the place for the nine provinces. In addition, the innovative technology in tea, the beginning of the portable, the speed of innovation in the society, the spirit of the new drink, the first before the people.
  Izumi Yukii, a tea party friend, invites you to join in a big deal and make a difference.
  Jiangxi Guyuqing Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, covering an area of 45 acres, including 30 acres of planting demonstration park, 5 acres of office area, 10 acres of production area, and another 3,000 acres of protected area.
  The company has a registered capital of 3 million yuan and has obtained the registered trademark of the country “Gu Yuqing”, with Mao Jiancao (Yanqinglan) as the main raw material, with ten series of varieties of development patents, combining modern technology with traditional crafts to produce tea. And the manufacturers of beverages, health care products and other products, as well as a comprehensive agricultural enterprise integrating demonstration planting, germplasm protection, production and sales. The company has 28 employees, including 16 professional and technical personnel, and employs famous tea experts and forestry experts as technical consultants with reliable production conditions and technical support.
  The series produced by our company is “Yu Yuqing”, which is made by Mao Jiancao, which grows in the area of Heyeping, Luya Mountain, Guanlan Mountain. The scientific name is Yan Qinglan, “Chinese Flora” 378—— 380 pages: “> Mao Jiancao, produced in Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, west to Qinghai Xining, was born at an altitude of 650 & mdash; & mdash; 2400 meters, the whole grass has aroma, can be used for tea, so Hebei, Shanxi, the name of the local name Mao dyquo; It is a pure natural organic herb.
  Another big feature, the series “Gu Yuqing” has the color and fragrance of traditional tea, but does not contain the caffeine of traditional tea. Therefore, drinking Gu Yuqing can not only improve stomach and digestion, but also enhance the spirit without affecting sleep. Tea that can be drunk before going to bed is a blessing tea for middle-aged and elderly people.
  Now the company realizes “double online sales” and “sole sales” and successfully cooperates with China's largest direct selling company “Beijing Luomai”, which means “Quality 365” platform. The annual sales are more than 10 million yuan, the profit is more than 3 million yuan, and the tax is more than 600,000 yuan.
  Through years of hard work, the company has achieved the expected results. At present, the company's products are in short supply, the company's profitability has improved significantly, and the market has created a rare opportunity for the company to develop. The company decided to carry out equipment and technological transformation to expand production capacity, build a smooth modern commodity circulation network, and meet the growing market. Demand, to achieve new and better development of the company.